Environmental Stress Screening

Hi-Reliability Microelectronics has extensive experience in environmental stress screening (ESS) of EEE products with complete in-house advanced qualification and test equipment. The goal of our ESS program is to evaluate and qualify, both at component and system level

  • New Technology
  • EOL and Obsolete Technology
  • COT used for High Reliability Applications in Commercial, Automotive, Medical, Industrial, Aerospace and Defense industries

Hi-Reliability Microelectronics provides heavy environmental test services for operational test and evaluation of major aircraft and weapons systems programs. We also offer environmental testing for systems qualification and certification for equipment designed for high-reliability and high-performance products. Our qualification regime critically evaluates the product potential to meet established performance requirements. We also do compliance testing to all major standards, applicable to the Aerospace, military and commercial electronics industries.

Our ESS methodology involves understanding the devices, its application, system life expectancy and then applying a customized, high stress plan that will allow for accelerated life time testing and evaluation. Our Reliability and Product Engineers are very familiar with both Level 1 (Component) and Level 2 (Board) Qualification and Reliability requirements. Their expertise involve understanding the product application, creating the most optimal test plans, stress test conditions and evaluation of the effectiveness of different techniques

We use state-of-the-art test and environmental equipment including real time X-ray equipment, PIND testers, thermal cycling chambers, advanced burn-in ovens, HAST/humidity chambers for PEMs, bench-top and automated test equipment (ATE) for electrical testing, acoustic and optical microscopes.

System Level Qualification
  • Life Test/Infant Mortality
  • Vibration
    • Sinusoidal
    • Random
  • ESS/Powered Temp Cycle
  • Salt Spray (corrosion)
  • Vibration/Shock
  • Altitude (Barometric Pressure)
  • Humidity/Temperature
  • Shelf Life
  • Electrical/Mechanical Qualification
  • Thermal Shock
  • Temperature Cycle
Component Level Qualification
  • HTOL/LTOL/Infant Mortality
  • Qualification Testing
  • Temp Shock/Cycle
  • Power Cycling
  • HAST/Temp Humidity Bias/PCT
  • Bake
  • JEDEC Pre-Conditioning
  • Gate Leakage Test
  • Insulation Resistance Testing
  • Surge Testing
  • ESD/Latch-Up Testing
  • Acoustic Microscopy
  • Real Time X-Ray
  • Corona Testing
  • TID Testing