About Us

Developing a Winning Partnership
Hi-Reliability Microelectronics is an independent division of Silicon Turnkey Solutions (STS). It was acquired by STS in 2008 and since then it has proven itself in being an A-class test supplier and distributor of EEE products. The strengths of both companies have built a synergistic authority on semiconductor solutions. With STS engaging in high-end, high-performing multi-core IC’s and Hi-Reliability Microelectronics serving the legacy end of linears, discretes, passives and logic components, thus completing the entire continuum of a one-stop semiconductor subcontractor. 

Hi-Reliability Microelectronics is a matured company with a rich legacy and an amalgamation of industry veterans that have excelled in servicing the military and aerospace projects through comprehensive critical engineering reviews and material readiness reviews. We offer complete Parts Management, Environmental Stress Screening, Heavy Environmental Testing, Value-added Upscreening and Device Validation.

Silicon Turnkey Solutions Inc. (STS) – Our Parent Company
STS is an industry recognized collaborative partner that integrates concurrent engineering, manufacturing, test, and qualification processes with operational expertise. We provide leading-edge technology and services that enable our semiconductor and clean-tech customers to meet demanding time-to-market pressure of high costs and technical challenges. We are continuously re-inventing ourselves to better serve today’s evolving customer. Please visit our website at www.sts-usa.com for detailed information on our company.